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(NSFW) An excerpt from something I wrote (NSFW)
Posted by Poni-namous
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[NSFW] Foalcon Dual Contest
Posted by Flutterpony
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Discord and Luna
Posted by Dono & M.Storm
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We are What We Are [novelesque Sirens origin story]
Posted by theigi
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I've had an idea for a while now...
Posted by XxMobianEquinexX
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[NSFW] Starlight Glimmerbutt
Posted by Background Pony #C8A7
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MLP green lantern crossover choices
Posted by Chaos king
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Power Rangers Harmony
Posted by Jarkes
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King James Clopfics [a nsfw markov chain]
Posted by Aponty
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Looking for a type of Fanfic
Posted by Background Pony #E624
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Crossover fanfic idea help .
Posted by Chaos king
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The Sign
Posted by David Lamontagne
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Fic up for adoption: A series of Ponified Events
Posted by Switch_Lock
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Celestial Disposition [Self insert HiE Safe]
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All The Ponies I Know (Derpy's Song) - aka the Background Pony Song
Posted by Vree
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Apple Pie and Hot Buttered Corn (NSFW Joke)
Posted by Aurora Glimmer
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Tanks for the Wake-Up Call
Posted by Deathmoon
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Time Vigilante [HiE, Human is Changeling, Self-Insert]
Posted by Switchlock
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To Write or Not to Write
Posted by Aurora Glimmer
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Apple Bloom's Education. (NSFW)
Posted by Herrpface
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Gimme Shelter [Fleur de Lis x Fancypants shipping fic]
Posted by Zyr87
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need an idea 2
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need an idea
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I'm So Sorry [Sunset/Sonata, safe]
Posted by Scarcity
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