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So apparently 47 in the Hitman series is a good guy for the most part. He kills evil people and terrorists. He always has.

And then I do a mmission where I’m meant to kill a film director for the crime of being a dick who’s running a film overbudget. And of course the studio’s solution to their money woes is to hire the world’s greatest assassin.
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The save data back-up for my downloaded software couldn’t restore my Alpha Sapphire data. And the same thing is probably going to happen with Pokemon X as well.

And I’m pretty sure I had a bunch of Mythical Pokemon still in that Alpha Sapphire file.

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And that’s all 4 old ones defeated, next is Drangleic Castle. Also I beat Royal Rat Vanguard.
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It’s not much, it’s barely anything, but I did end up making something that, at first glance, could easily be confused with actual progress in Bloodborne. At least, I can get past the large amount of enemies, at the gate… some bigger enemy on the other side is hammering against.

Of course, the few times I did that, I died soon afterwards, at the hands of that bigger enemy, even when I wanted to leave it alone. I did discover that a molotov cocktails (which are pretty useful) take off half of his health, though, so I think I’ll grind a bit and buy lots of those. May be a cheap tactic, but whatever.

One thing I like about Bloodborne is the death penalty. I don’t remember exactly, but I think Dark Souls is much harsher, to the point that I thought it was too much for a game where dying lots of times is pretty much intentional. In Bloodborne you just lose blood echoes, which you can retrieve at the place where you died, and that’s it. Unless there’s another penalty that I just don’t know about.
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