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ATG DAY 19:Draw a pony showing off their special talent

"Penelope has always been an interesting pony to me. Not because she's my assistant that I've created, but rather how she works. She extremely shy and jittery like something is going in that reanimated little skull of hers. Still, she gets her jobs done and is a great companion. However, as of recently I noticed her morale has been lower than usual, it wasn't until I saw her gazing the flanks of my victims I realized what seems desired. A cutie mark- the very foundation of a pony's meaning in this world. Since she's made of ponies who have earned theirs already, it would be impossible for her to earn her own. She was aware of this and I knew it bothered her to her core, but she hide her feelings quite well. Last night I stayed up until the break of dawn creating sketches and doodles of a "cutie mark" that would suit her. She always sought approval from me… and she's always been kind, even to the victims! It wasn't until it struck me not to overthink it, I grabbed some sticky notes and drew on the top two notes a heart with a check. Simple, but gets to the point. The next day I had presented these to her and…. to put it into simple terms, she had shown some of that pent up emotion. She cried in honor and proudly wore them. It's safe to say in the day's following, I haven't seen my assistant happier ever since".


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