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Lord Discord was going to go over to his old friend, Fluttershy’s, cottage with his new child and his wife, Queen Celestia, to have his child meet Fluttershy’s. He thought that it would be nice if his daughter could actually talk to somepony for once…at least, without being questioned or scaring them away.
Fluttershy welcomed the family with her husband, Big Macintosh, and they both showed them where to sit. Discord sets his child onto the floor and said, "It’s rather kind of you to invite us over to your old cottage. The place hasn’t changed in a bit!" Fluttershy said, "Why, you’re welcome, Discord! I kept it the same because i still have trouble thinking about how to change things around."
Fluttershy then looked at Discord’s daughter. She said, "Why, hello there, sweetie! What’s YOUR name?" The child only hid her face, too scared to say a word. Fluttershy asked, "What’s wrong, sweetie? It’s just me, Auntie Fluttershy! You can trust me!" The child got her face out of her hooves, looking up at Fluttershy, but still not saying a word.
Celestia said to her husband, "Discord, honey. Should we…tell her?" Discord held his wife’s hoof, nodding. Fluttershy asked, "’Tell me’ what? Is there something wrong with her?" Discord coughed a little bit, trying to clear his throat. He then went on to say, "You see, Fluttershy…our child is rather a…quiet type of filly, to say the least." Fluttershy said, "Well, I’ve always been a quiet pony, too, so maybe she just needs somepony that understands her to talk to her!" Celestia said, "Listen, I know you think that this is just something that she can get over like you did, but…she’s never said her first word and my husband has tried THOUSANDS of times to find out why and we made one conclusion." Fluttershy looked a bit confused, asking, "What is it?" Discord swallowed hard and said, "She’s never said a word because, from our theory, she’s scared to talk to anypony, especially normal ponies like you or your family." Fluttershy looked sadly at the filly, the filly’s face giving a sad, scared kind of face. Fluttershy hugged her, saying, "I’m sorry to hear that, sweetie! If you EVER need anypony to talk to, just come here and talk to me and maybe even my kids, okay?"
Right after she said that, her kids come running out to see who was visiting them. Daisy held her little brother, Butterscotch, on her back, fluttering her tiny, flightless wings while running into the room. Butterscotch plopped off of his sister’s back and kneeled at Discord and Celestia. Daisy kneeled as well. Celestia bowed to them and said, "Hello, young children! How are you today?" The kids both yelled, "Great, Queen Celestia! You look beautiful today!" Celestia was flattered and said, "What would you say if I told you that I brought over a special pony for you two to meet?"
Daisy and Butterscotch got excited about meeting a new friend. Discord picked up his daughter with his hands and placed her in front of the kids. Butterscotch looked at her in awe while Daisy looked a bit frightened by her. Butterscotch looked at his older sister and pushed her towards their new friend, saying, "Oh come on, sis! Be brave like daddy!" Daisy gulped and stood solid in front of the new filly. She said, "H…hello…wh…what’s your name?" The filly didn’t answer. All she did was smile a sweet, tiny smile and waved. Her smile made Daisy all shy to her and her face flushed a deep red. She didn’t know why, but she did.
Fluttershy said, "Don’t worry, Daisy. She’s just not very social is all. She’s a really sweet pony in actuality, but don’t ask about why she can’t talk, okay?" Daisy looked at her mother, then the filly. She stood up a bit taller, trying to be a bit more confident-looking. She then said, "Do you wanna come play with me and my little brother, Butterscotch, then?" The filly smiled, nodding her head. Daisy relaxed and showed her to their room. "Come on," she yelled, "we can play in my room! It’s just over here!"
Fluttershy, Discord, Celestia, and Big Mac all watched their children run to their room. They then heard Daisy yell, "Come on, Butters! We’re going to play with out new friend!" Butterscotch ran to the room on his little legs, the door slamming right behind him.
Daisy and my dislestia fanchild © me
MLP:FiM © Lauren Faust and Hasbro
Art © me
Hope ya like it!
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