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It's the Episode 821 Tagging Challenge.

There are several as-yet-unnamed students:

Red stallion in foreground
Golden stallion just behind him
Blue-green stallion just behind Silverstream
Purple-haired mare just behind Yona
Light green and blonde stallion just below Smolder
Blonde mare behind AJ
Blonde recolor of Sunshower above Fluttershy
safe1636790 screencap213484 amber grain98 applejack164343 auburn vision238 berry blend431 berry bliss433 berry sweet92 bifröst131 citrine spark369 clever musings149 dawnlighter77 end zone85 fire flicker119 fire quacker369 fluttershy205378 fuchsia frost108 gallus6326 golden crust141 goldy wings73 huckleberry354 lilac swoop45 loganberry112 midnight snack (character)151 night view90 november rain545 ocarina green53 ocellus4969 peppe ronnie41 peppermint goldylinks433 pinkie pie209656 rainbow dash226288 rarity175714 rockhoof1079 sandbar5165 silverstream5770 slate sentiments101 smolder7358 spike76561 strawberry scoop211 sugar maple131 summer breeze211 summer meadow160 tune-up54 twilight sparkle291381 violet twirl144 yona4817 alicorn210438 changedling7809 changeling43953 classical hippogriff4693 dragon51980 earth pony222914 griffon25534 hippogriff8970 pegasus264763 pony901882 unicorn293992 yak4321 a rockhoof and a hard place790 background pony9768 bow26474 cloven hooves9355 crowd949 discovery family logo11574 dragoness7424 female1302766 flying36101 friendship student1571 hair bow14446 hair bun3100 hammer1647 jewelry56962 male350233 mare448460 monkey swings1269 necklace16847 night24712 raised hoof41954 rockhoof's shovel331 stallion100273 student six1534 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119787 twilight's castle3648 wall of tags2801 war hammer278 winged spike8014


not provided yet


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