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Commissioner’s description:

It was supposed to be a routine examination of a magical object that one of Celestia’s magic researchers, Luster, had discovered in an old Everfree ruin. However, while examining the strange hourglass, Luster accidentally dropped it on the floor, the sands inside starting to swirl and move through the glass. Before they knew it, Princess Celestia and Luster Star we’re feeling strange as the floor was finding its way up toward them. Er, that’s not right? Celestia’s royal jewelry was getting bigger, the Princess soon shrinking out of her horseshoes and royal necklace. It was all so sudden that she didn’t even realize she was getting younger until her crown slipped and rested lopsided on her head. Her mane and tail’s usual spectrum of colors changed to a simple light pink. Finally, a nice, equally pink diaper appeared around her now blank flank, protecting from accidents. Luster was going through his own similar changes, but luckily he didn’t need to worry about losing any accessories. He mainly just found himself shrinking down and down, becoming younger along with the Princess. A nice light blue diaper wrapped around his blank flank, one that he would most likely need eventually. The two ponies looked at each other and couldn’t help but giggle a little, having been turned into cute little foals. It wasn’t long before they found themselves playing happily together, with the now regressed Celestia demonstrating her levitation skills on a plushie replica of Shining Armor, much to the regressed Luster’s amazement! If only the two foals had just read a bit further in their research book, then they would have found the artifact’s description. “Sands of Time: (Caution) This magical hourglass has the capabilities to alter the age of those around it. Side effects include: being turned into a foal, comfy diapers, cuteness, and playful innocence. (Small text at the bottom): Unless you like that kind of thing! ^^ “
safe (1375014)artist:wittleskaj (67)princess celestia (81111)shining armor (19392)oc (500238)oc:luster star (1)alicorn (152633)artifact (957)baby (7296)baby pony (5179)book (25536)collar (23345)colt (9800)crown (9834)cute (138969)cutelestia (2527)diaper (10454)female (708343)fetish (27694)filly (45843)foal (11846)hourglass (258)jewelry (35243)levitation (8067)magic (54537)magic aura (1621)male (240220)ocbetes (3064)pillow (12097)playing (1103)plushie (18941)pony (648454)regalia (10998)story included (6119)telekinesis (19312)unicorn (183981)


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