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Page 1204 — There Will Be a Quiz

If you haven't yet checked out the Spudventures, things are getting really interesting in our 5e campaign, and we're about to start a mini-campaign of Engine Hearts!
The Forgotten Ones, Session 3: Podcast | Video

DM: Any other questions?
Yona (FS): Are we a group yet or… still new to the school?
DM: I'm gonna say you all know each other, since you all have common ground as being strangers in Equestria.
Sandbar (AJ): And me?
DM: They tolerate you because you're the least aggressively saccharine pony they've met in the entire school.
Gallus (RD): Sounds about right.
Sandbar (AJ): Yeah, it does.
DM: You all bonded when, during a period where the school was shut down, instead of going home you all hid away in the old Castle of the Two Sisters.
Ocellus (TS): Oh. So… we've already almost caused an incident.
DM: Pretty much.
Silverstream (PP): So we're a friendship study group?
DM: Yep. And you're preparing for your big test on Friendship's Effect on the Course of Equestrian History.
Sandbar & Gallus & Smolder: Auuuuuugh.
DM: I believe this is the part where you all derail.
safe1553599 artist:newbiespud1269 edit114442 edited screencap53918 screencap195073 auburn vision207 berry blend361 berry bliss361 bifröst101 citrine spark315 cozy glow5653 fire quacker315 gallus5622 huckleberry297 november rain494 ocellus4383 peppermint goldylinks359 sandbar4540 silverstream5157 smolder6404 yona4353 changedling7092 changeling38976 classical hippogriff4360 dragon46503 earth pony190099 griffon24390 hippogriff8093 pegasus232066 pony825337 unicorn256701 yak3735 comic:friendship is dragons1427 background pony8877 background pony audience333 book30108 bow23567 castle of the royal pony sisters671 comic99660 dialogue58668 dragoness6471 female877987 filly58345 flying33696 friendship student1345 frown21329 hair bow12895 hands together161 male298689 screencap comic4094 sitting53702 smiling209382 student six1400


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