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Page 1206 — Charisma Sleep

The trick here is what kinds of voices you're reading this dialogue in, I think. There's multiple ways to go about it in this arc.

DM: Getting back to the matter at hand…
Silverstream (PP): Isn't that "at hoof"?
DM: Not anymore. Some of you actually have hands and claws now. Anyway, you're in the library, gathered around a table for your study group. How are you all feeling about your chances?
Gallus (RD): Doomed, as usual.
Smolder (RT): Also doomed.
Sandbar (AJ): I've probably lived through some of it, so… maybe a high C?
Ocellus (TS): Honestly, I feel like Ocellus would be very interested in the subject matter.
Silverstream (PP): Great! All in favor of nominating Ocellus to lead the study session and, more importantly, let us copy her notes?
Sandbar (AJ): Aye.
Yona (FS): YONA BORED! YONA NAP. Yaks say, "A rested mind is a ready mind!" So Yona will just sleep until she feels ready!
Sandbar (AJ): …Well then.
Gallus (RD): Hey, at least two of us are playing against type.
Yona (FS): Do you think it's okay…? Is it too much…?
Smolder (RT): I love it!
safe1554451 artist:newbiespud1269 edit114461 edited screencap53920 screencap195077 gallus5622 ocellus4383 sandbar4540 silverstream5157 smolder6405 yona4353 changedling7093 changeling38978 classical hippogriff4360 dragon46540 earth pony190168 griffon24391 hippogriff8094 pony825756 yak3735 comic:friendship is dragons1427 book30121 comic99867 crossed arms4072 crystal tree17 dialogue58768 dragoness6473 eyes closed78310 female878571 frown21336 male298748 mouth hold15176 on back22001 paw pads302 paws4218 photo70191 pillow15032 screencap comic4094 sitting53715 sleeping21319 student six1400 toe beans136 tree26837 underpaw1343


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