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Page 1206 – Charisma Sleep

The trick here is what kinds of voices you’re reading this dialogue in, I think. There’s multiple ways to go about it in this arc.

DM: Getting back to the matter at hand…
Silverstream (PP): Isn’t that "at hoof"?
DM: Not anymore. Some of you actually have hands and claws now. Anyway, you’re in the library, gathered around a table for your study group. How are you all feeling about your chances?
Gallus (RD): Doomed, as usual.
Smolder (RT): Also doomed.
Sandbar (AJ): I’ve probably lived through some of it, so… maybe a high C?
Ocellus (TS): Honestly, I feel like Ocellus would be very interested in the subject matter.
Silverstream (PP): Great! All in favor of nominating Ocellus to lead the study session and, more importantly, let us copy her notes?
Sandbar (AJ): Aye.
Yona (FS): YONA BORED! YONA NAP. Yaks say, "A rested mind is a ready mind!" So Yona will just sleep until she feels ready!
Sandbar (AJ): …Well then.
Gallus (RD): Hey, at least two of us are playing against type.
Yona (FS): Do you think it’s okay…? Is it too much…?
Smolder (RT): I love it!
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