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Page 1209 — Background Crisis

It's not often one gets to do the whole "drop a critical and shocking piece of information in a casual sentence" bit in a game, but boy do I love it.

Cozy Glow: Good morning, friendship students! Headmare Glimmer and the other professors had to leave for a few days, but don't worry, because the Headmare left ME in charge to do things just the way she would!
Gallus (RD): And you're qualified becaaause…
DM: Cozy Glow is constantly helping out all around the school. She knows the workings of the whole place, inside and out.
Smolder (RT): Let me guess – she's always helping out the ponies she can get something from in return?
DM: She even shared her notes with your group for your upcoming test.
Sandbar (AJ): Had we asked for them?
DM: Nope.
Cozy Glow: The Headmare left me this officially signed and stamped note! "We have to go. The Princesses need our help to figure out why all the magic in Equestria is disappearing. I know the school will be in good hooves with you–"
Ocellus (TS): H-Hold on, back up a second!!
Yona (FS): Pony should have led with that!
safe1575274 artist:newbiespud1289 edit117648 edited screencap56064 screencap199202 auburn vision212 berry blend367 berry bliss367 citrine spark327 cozy glow5846 fire quacker327 gallus5805 gooseberry44 huckleberry307 ocellus4487 peppermint goldylinks363 sandbar4630 silverstream5270 slate sentiments78 smolder6592 yona4444 changedling7261 changeling40103 classical hippogriff4452 dragon48153 earth pony198906 griffon24874 hippogriff8303 pegasus239509 pony845549 unicorn266063 yak3832 comic:friendship is dragons1447 background pony9191 background pony audience337 comic101457 crossed arms4198 dialogue60546 dragoness6669 female899060 filly59524 friendship student1393 hoof hold7334 hooves to the chest438 male305405 mare415341 screencap comic4173 scroll3145 smiling214895 stallion92643 student six1425 suspicious337


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