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I liek collars
safe1587895 artist:pabbley2274 rainbow dash221084 pegasus247863 pony859771 adorasexy8500 alternate hairstyle24848 belly25092 belly button68959 bracelet8127 bronybait2830 chubby12773 clothes415343 collar29270 cute181500 dashabetes8199 dialogue59674 female1228293 jewelry53169 mare427598 ponytail15985 rainbow dash always dresses in style1528 sexy25351 shorts12534 socks57755 solo983528 standing10515 stupid sexy rainbow dash2212 tanktop6930


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22 comments posted

Chokers too; i've heard they're good for snapping.

Same, but its more easy to believe if you envision dash only acting this way after beginning to date a stallion with a will stronger than her own who demands that she femme up a little…