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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1574171 artist:celestial-rue0w0240 artist:elementbases253 oc604189 oc only409379 oc:angsty emocore10 oc:clausa vera10 oc:misanthropy melody10 oc:myringa11 oc:soprano shadow10 alicorn195023 bat pony43399 bat pony alicorn1536 changeling40043 earth pony198554 pegasus239235 pony844809 unicorn265736 vampire3324 alicorn oc21974 band290 base used15744 bat pony oc14307 bat wings5870 changeling oc6488 chinese2552 choker9231 clothes408565 commission51843 curved horn5852 fangs22104 female898145 fishnets4580 flannel275 flying34300 heart43127 hoodie12294 horn43084 horn ring5045 jewelry50812 lip piercing947 look-alike69 markings1007 messy mane7030 multicolored hair4146 necklace15219 nose piercing2271 nose ring1842 not cadance26 not celestia96 not flurry heart12 not luna145 not twilight sparkle241 piercing34823 raised hoof39256 raised leg6668 siblings5991 simple background345176 sisters7239 socks56705 spiked choker1217 striped socks19119 tattoo4576 transparent background179397 unamused13703 wall of tags2310 wing piercing227 wings75749 wristband3054


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