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safe2152842 artist:ritter179 oc935587 oc only679384 oc:snowdrop1411 pegasus487311 pony1580784 avatar793 blind1267 blizzard364 bust76538 chest fluff63829 cute262997 ear fluff49159 featured image1194 female1779308 high res406041 lacrimal caruncle151 looking at you254201 mare727285 night37285 older38651 older snowdrop108 snow19461 snowfall6113 solo1408729 windswept mane3594 winter6293


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I think Snowdrop truly was a wonderful short. It shows how sometimes we think we’re failures with curses. But perhaps that curse could be a blessing. It all depends on if you see yourself as just a loser or as someone who actually has something beautiful even if others don’t see it.
And shout out to the mother who still believed in her daughter.
I can relate to that. And I think many can too.
Also it made for a cruel but hilarious parody called Snowblind in Friendship is Witchcraft
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Flash Magnus: [to Snowdrop’s mother and to her teacher] Ġit ǷITON þæt hēo is BLIND! Hƿȳ ġit hīe nǣfre HELPAÞ!? [“You two KNOW that she is BLIND! Why do you two never HELP her!?”]