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Genette, a young griffoness from the city of Trottingham, has had a love of the art of singing and dancing and is prone to spontaneously burst into a musical number or 2. She owns a dance studio in the town of Hoofington where she is a dance instructor, a vocalist, and a flight choreographer. She loves to teach the younger generation to sing and dance to there full potential despite still being young herself.

One of her loves is that of ballet and she's quite smitten with it. On ocassion she likes to put on a show and would enlist the help of her friends, particularly her old dance partner Sunfyre. If the shows a bit bigger she'll enlist the help of a few others. Gareth & Valour Flame are pretty new to ballet, so Genette makes sure to teach them the finer points to master they're coordination as quadrapeds are. It doesn't take the pair long to learn the moves and enjoy themselves in the process. Why does Jen have the boys wear the ballerina outfits fit for girls? She has her reasons, but the boys don't seem to mind. Here the quartet are practicing they're dancesteps, possibly in preparation for a new show, or just doing it for the fun of it. Whatever the case may be, the quartet are going to have a good time.

Artist's Tidbit: This is one of those rare pics I do where the idea isn't mine. TBH, I had no plans to do something like this, but one of my DeviantArt watchers came out of the blue at me and pitched me an idea. CapricornDiem456 had requested for me to have my MLP O/FCs Gareth & Sunfyre wear tutus. I wasn't free to do any kind of requests given how things for me irl were going, and it being Summer the Summer heat does tend to do a horrible number on me. But Capricorn's request was something that took my interest, a rare commodity for me. Of course my drawing of tutus is more to resemble skirts than tutus themselves, but that's how I prefer it, for now anyway.

I decline, but would be swayed to do so if I can include Genette & Valour Flame. I wanted to add Genette since she and Sunfyre are a dance duo in my HC, and Valour Flame…well, Val is basically my most 'open-minded' OC so he would be more than happy to take part. This took longer for me to do with my job being more stressful in these uncertain times, the Summer heat hitting my like a freight train and procrastination. Luckily (and rather coveniently) I did get a few days off from work and worked on my sketchwork. Of them Sunfyre was the toughest since for a bit of clarity I forgot how to draw his head, or rather I couldn't get his snout right. I also need to practice doing Valour Flame's frontal positioning, but I know I'll get it eventually. Other than that I have no complaints.
safe1588222 artist:peregrinstaraptor83 oc612393 oc only413027 oc:gareth11 oc:genette6 oc:sunfyre42 oc:valour flame12 classical hippogriff4489 griffon25075 hippogriff8412 pegasus244480 pony855591 ballerina911 ballerinas58 ballet443 cheerleader outfit804 clothes414099 crossdressing8739 female918846 femboy8121 griffon oc1623 hippogriff oc419 male309525 stallion94188 studio109 tutu1015 tutus55 tututiful10


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