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Novice Brony
@Background Pony #CFC4


Yeah, the black suit is a solar absorbing suit, always has been. When Superman came back to life after the Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen story arc in 90s, he was still weak so he wore a Black suit that would allow him to absorb solar radiation faster so that he would regain his full strength faster.

I think the comic you're thinking of is the Elseworlds story, Red Son, where an alternate version of Superman lands and raised in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War and wears a very different costume.
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Shiny Bug
@Background Pony #CFC4
I don't recall that comic. All I know is that the debut of the suit was the return of the original Superman near the end of the Death of Superman arc in the original comics. Some might have repurposed the suit for evil versions of Superman here and there, but the original suit is about rebirth.
Background Pony #CFC4
lol i don't care what new stuff says, that's the same suit Superman uses when he decides to take over the world by force to "fix" it in earlier comics and ends up being rightfully assassinated for being a dictator

that is the leftist warcrimes supersuit