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“Dyson Sphere”
Commission for Thank you so much! <3
safe1898295 artist:ali-selle133 princess celestia102274 princess luna106462 twilight sparkle324481 alicorn260529 pony1245881 :t4127 alicorn triarchy357 bed47566 commission89440 cute225372 dyson sphere4 eyes closed112999 featured image1009 female1535443 freeman dyson1 funny4651 giggling983 glowing9618 glowing horn23649 high res78536 horn104950 illustration454 levitation13656 lying down28403 magic82561 magic aura5918 mare577402 mundane utility97 prank1562 princess2706 prone29409 royal sisters5318 royalty1487 siblings12991 sisters11516 sleeping25736 smiling308815 solar panel25 troll physics13 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134621 wings158159


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Perfect Chaos
I don’t get it.
A Dyson Sphere is a hypothetical build/device that is meant to be built surrounding a celestial body or star, capturing the most quantity possible of its radiating energy.