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safe1945933 screencap257317 posey (g5)761 sparky sparkeroni807 dragon70341 earth pony350589 pony1295631 g536534 my little pony: tell your tale8284 snow pun intended278 spoiler:g510219 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale7464 spoiler:tyts01e37278 animated111673 baby12554 baby dragon2078 bonfire185 clothes549565 cute231905 dancing9721 duo107072 duo male and female1324 earmuffs1386 eyes closed118026 female1579246 fire13419 heart59749 hoof heart1026 loop6343 male450554 mare603892 open mouth193075 open smile14923 perfect loop1832 posey catches a break2 scarf27740 smiling323504 sparkybetes65 underhoof60894 upside-down hoof heart222 when she smiles1214


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Background Pony #57EC
Something tells me this will make Posey forgive Sparky for that spaghetti flowers incident.
Background Pony #4DC6
She is gonna freeze like that. Ground will steal her warmth far faster than anything she gets from that fire.
Sparky already warmed the ground with a fireball.
Background Pony #C137
@Iron Storm
Well a horse/pony also has a lot of body hair and they also have a higher core body temperature than a human so she could probably tolerate the conditions better than we could.