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safe2152842 screencap293551 alphabittle blossomforth1470 vanilla swirl46 pony1580784 unicorn528036 attack of the bunnisus398 g572852 my little pony: tell your tale24581 spoiler:g531871 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale22428 spoiler:tyts01e61398 :s278 crystal tea room172 cup8877 duo164080 duo male and female5319 eyebrows23237 female1779307 food99870 frown35464 hoof heart1991 ice cream6601 ice cream cone1157 ice cream horn86 male542392 mare727285 raised eyebrow9787 raised hoof68398 shrunken pupils5268 stallion191407 tea3662 teacup3960 teapot1471 underhoof67917 wavy mouth5443


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Algebroot Neogears
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“Food themed ponies will never be an official thing”, I thought, “They look too absurd to ever be used in official material!”…
…Then guess what officially appeared as a new generic background character in Tell Your Tale? An ice cream themed pony!
Background Pony #5BE5
That’s a really weird-looking pony. She has an ice cream as mane and ice cream cone as horn.