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safe2188562 artist:jowyb1212 princess celestia113291 princess luna117747 alicorn317339 pony1618200 g42044609 angry36874 annoyed7302 box6432 celestia is not amused742 crown30295 cute267836 duo174663 ethereal mane13639 ethereal tail2248 female1818512 folded wings20515 glowing19563 glowing horn29363 gradient background26062 grin63587 gritted teeth19603 happy45027 high res408653 hoof shoes9971 horn198112 jewelry114942 levitation16355 lunabetes4395 magic97382 magic aura9140 mare751657 partially open wings2345 peytral7752 pink background6594 pinklestia349 plushie31127 princess shoes1345 regalia36961 royal sisters6824 siblings22464 sisters18392 sitting93611 smiling402419 sparkly mane1328 sparkly tail725 tail104325 teeth22472 telekinesis39371 this will end in tears4357 tiara7120 toy25633 unamused24218 wings226847


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Background Pony #5855
Even to this day Celestia is always the butt of jokes. It gets old. She’s been dealt enough already. When’s it gonna be Luna’s turn?