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Time wasting thread 2.1 (SFW- No explicit/grimdark)

Thread Starter - The Time Wasting Thread 2.1

Waste time, talk about whatever. Just keep it (relatively) clean
New thread rule: No fucking spamming. It makes whole pages unreadable, breaks pages and is overall obnoxious.
Only currently known broken page is 2264

Professionally Depressed
Like I just said. I almost got legit banned back there for no good reason. (Also, I think that I might have cleared that with the mods)
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There is a difference between that and Kaz/Hype’s brand of long term deliberate undermining of others ability to just do what the thread was supposed to be about in order to achieve satisfaction at the cost of others, while playing just soft enough that the mods ignored it to target their victim when they lashed back in any way out of shear frustration,
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