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Background Pony #54FA
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Starlight is making different potions after learning about potion making from Zecora. One potion she creates seems to have no effects, but that potion ends up making Starlight begin to grow continuously forever
Background Pony #54FA
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The legend of the hide&seeker
Long ago, in what would become Equestria, ponies began telling stories of a mysterious creature who loved playing hide&seek, and was a god at the game.
Legend said that whoever found the creature, nicknamed the Hide&seeker, got their greatest wish granted to them. Many of the ponies began to look for this mysterious creature, but none of them succeeded.
Irritated, the ponies burned all but one of the records of this creature, with the goal of preventing anypony else from searching for it. They gave the last bit of evidence to Celestia and Luna, who had just come into power, telling them to hide it somewhere that nopony would ever find it.
The Princesses agreed, and put it in a super secret heavily guarded room in their castle in the Everfree. Overtime, everypony forgot about this creature, everypony except Celestia and Luna
Over 1,000 years later, Destiny was exploring the old castle in the Everfree when she found the secret room. She was able to get past the defenses, reaching the scroll at the end.
Destiny read the scroll, growing more interested as she did. Once she finished reading, she vowed to find this creature, no matter what.
Background Pony #54FA
@Background Pony #82C5  
But his main appearance is a white coat and a black mane and tail, pale gray eyes, and, despite having the form of a pony, stands up on two legs
It also has changeling eyes, dragon wings(which can perform magic(one with a white magic field and the other with a black magic field)), and pheonix wings
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