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safe2197145 artist:muffinshire192 moondancer6167 princess celestia113716 smarty pants1575 twilight sparkle361006 oc959784 oc:bumble breeze6 oc:lemon burst8 oc:orange twist9 oc:swirling star12 unnamed oc3645 alicorn319312 earth pony514538 pegasus507209 pony1627594 unicorn549391 comic:twilight's first dance10 g42052985 balloon13199 bed59013 clothes644473 colt20865 comic136820 cute269072 daaaaaaaaaaaw7113 dancing11348 dear princess celestia144 dexterous hooves928 dialogue95452 do the sparkle250 dress63029 drum kit381 drums1468 electric guitar1792 female1828432 filly99172 filly twilight sparkle3493 friendship lesson45 guitar6686 hoof polish2237 hooficure155 letter to celestia17 male559247 mare757735 microphone7641 microphone stand319 muffinshire is trying to murder us48 musical instrument15436 overdressed18 sillestia339 sleeping29699 speech bubble40842


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Background Pony #EF99
This was beautiful!  
I hope the show will make an episode similar to this, one day.