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Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry – Sunlight Shimmer

Rainbow Dash and Fire Streak – Fire Desh

Fluttershy and Big Mac – Flower

Pinkie Pie and Party Favor – Sweet Candy

Rarity and Hoity Toity – Melody

Applejack and Cherry Fizzy — Apple Flower

safe1659968 artist:sunlightshimmer645 oc655984 oc only433219 oc:apple flower46 oc:fire desh3 oc:flower (sunlightshimmer64)4 oc:melody180 oc:sunlight shimmer7 oc:sweet candy23 earth pony231984 pegasus273959 pony924115 unicorn304628 base used18251 canterlot5538 ethereal mane7428 heterochromia5094 next generation5873 offspring36989 parent:applejack3662 parent:big macintosh2963 parent:fire streak99 parent:flash sentry2868 parent:fluttershy4547 parent:hoity toity49 parent:party favor249 parent:pinkie pie3876 parent:rainbow dash5355 parent:rarity3941 parent:sunset shimmer1400 parents:flashimmer224 parents:fluttermac1282 parents:partypie145 parents:rainbowstreak6 parents:raritoity5 sperm donation28 starry mane3827


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