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Link to speedpaint here:
This is one of my favorite MLP CANNON AU’S yet, I love the concept of Twilight turning evil for the soul purpose to immortalize friendship forever. This is one of my favorite corrupted mane 6 from MLP, aside from Nightmare Rarity.
(Everlight Everlasting belongs to Inspired Pixels)
(Twilight Sparkle belongs to MLP and Hasbro)

safe2151047 artist:paigezilla2 twilight sparkle354243 oc934447 oc:everlight everlasting18 alicorn309407 pony1578903 g42004268 alternate universe12797 black background9355 bust76475 colored eyelashes1309 colored horn1435 colored pupils13112 colored wings13605 corrupted3449 crown29334 curved horn11029 dark5450 digital art28971 element of magic3466 ethereal mane13121 evil3833 eyelashes25812 feathered wings2342 female1777434 floppy ears71743 flowing mane4670 gem10489 gradient horn300 gradient mane2488 gradient wings1738 high res405735 horn178044 jewelry110373 long horn1281 looking at you253664 mare726389 multicolored hair11375 multicolored horn73 nightmare twilight239 nightmarified877 older38611 older twilight3302 peytral7141 portrait41075 purple eyes5658 regalia35628 signature42445 simple background583987 solo1407209 sparkles8637 spread wings91551 starry mane6975 three quarter view2824 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147819 wall of tags6391 wings216081


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