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Originally posted on: January 14, 2023 at 10:46 AM UTC
Princess Flurry Heart
I already know you guys have been itching for me to continue Flurry Hearts story and anything involved with her, and I greatly apologize to you guys and to me for ignoring this lovely character for so long. I noticed I never made a reference sheet for her, slap me for that please. I already decided comics is not my thing, but at least I gave it a try, though I will try and make illustrations for the rest of the comic. With that out of the way, lets get onto this character introduction, shall we?~
Flurry Heart, in my verse as well as show cannon, she is the first alicorn to be born from a unicorn and an Ascended alicorn. And yes, I say Ascended because even though Cadence IS and alicorn, she was given a horn by Celestia herself, just like Twilight was given wings. These types of ascended alicorn are not as powerful as a natural born, and they do live long but they are not immortal. So, for Cadence and Shining to have given life to a natural alicorn, was a scandal, even more for the Crystal Empire. They had never had an alicorn ruler until Cadence, and to have another just as powerful was like a blessing to them. And yes, even though Celestia and Scorpan had Nymphadora, it was to be expected as the ruler of Equestria and power bearer of the sun and a mythological powerful monster.
Small bio~
Name- Princess Flurry Heart, Flurry, Flurr flurr, sweetheart
Parents- Empress Mi Amore Cadenza from the Crystal Empire, Lord Shining Armor from the Crystal Empire
Age- 26
Occupation- Princess of the Crystal Empire
Cutie Mark- Snow flake with the crystal heart adorned with gilded silver frames
Orientation- Straight
Mate- Possible mates
  • Flurry Heart was the first born of Cadence and Shining armor, and the first alicorn to be born out of a unicorn and an Ascended alicorn. Her birth was a scandal to Equestria and a blessing for the Crystal Empire, and so news about her spread like a wild fire, and many would visit the Crystal Empire for a chance to see the new royalty. This attention both made the princess a popular celebrity among fillies and foals and also gave the princess a bad impression, and one that made itself truth. Most would try and be the princess’ friend, even trying to be up-close and personal with her. At first, it made the princess happy many wanted to be her friend and hang out with her, though the incident that followed made the princess wary. In public the small crowd of “friends” would follow her, be friendly, but as they would hang out with the princess in private they would comment on her taste of doing things. Many that originated making a best friend dance like her mother and aunt, sleep over activities and jokes. And the friendship didn’t even last long, as one filly made a comment on how such a boring and childish princess she was. Hurt and disillusioned, Flurry Heart cried to her mother that same night. Angry that they would treat their daughter this way, they punished the snobbish parents of those children. Later, Cadence and Shining made it clear no one was to interact with the princess no more, as what more could they do to hurt Flurry. So, Flurry grew lonely and quiet, and would interact with her family more than her own people, which hurt the Empire greatly.
  • In her teens, Flurry Heart finally gained a friend through her own accord. Her parents gave her the choice to choose her own helping hand and maid. So when Rosy Bouquet, adoptive daughter or Amber Laurel and Scarlet Heart, both workers of the castle brought their daughter in for a chance to work in the castle as well, Flurry chose her. She was the same age as her, polite and eager to start working, Flurry gave her a chance, and as time passed by and they started to know each other, the became great friends. Even starting to hang out outside the castle. It made her parents happy to know Flurry had someone to trust and hang out with, although they did keep and eye on Rosy for a while.
  • For Flurry, her family is everything. Even though she doesn’t get to see her dads part of the family that often, she still makes an effort to be in contact with them. After her weekly studies, she dedicates a day to write a letter to her cousins, her aunts, and her grandparents. While she was a filly, she would hang out with her cousin Super Nova, but later would stop seeing her as Nova started training. She still has a pretty good relationship with Star Dust, although most of the time they just have awkward silences. The one that bothers her the most is her younger sister Sapphire Charm. They both bother each other with pranks and crazy comments, and she loves her. But something she hates is that Sapphire can sometimes be a bratty filly.
  • As a new princess to the Crystal Empire, her studies to the history of her kingdom and her land have been rough. And being born with great power, Sun Burst became her mentor and teacher. For Cadence and Shining, it was worrying that her horn and wings were so huge when she was a baby, and her magic being so sporadic they wanted her to be in good hoofs. But in time, and with great care with Sun Burst, her magic controlled itself, and her horn and wings adapted to her body as she grew. She is very close to Sun Burst, often going for him when she is in doubt or in need of help. She also is very close to his wife Moon Dancer and their daughter Inky Dawn. Inky Dawn has become sort of a close journalist and cataloger for Flurry whenever they travel to Canterlot, the Changeling Kingdom or other parts of Equestria.
  • Flurry may not be the best intrigued in history or magic spells, but she has a good talent for music and knitting. She has a knack for having a good voice, and often practices in opera classes or learning traditional Crystal Empire melodies. Which she likes to sing in family reunions or important events. And for knitting, she often does it for the fun of it. She loves to make her family cute stuff like beanies, scarfs, blankets, ear muffs, and her favorites are making small bags. Although she loves to knit, she sometimes does it when she is stressed or wants time to herself, which can be most of the time.
  • Flurry might be a princess, but she considers herself an animal lover the most. And her loyal and most lovely companion is a stoat named Ansel. One day when she accompanied her father on a patrol, she had found him hurt in the snow. Begging to her father to take the poor creature back to the castle, Shining agreed. At first, being a wild animal obviously, he was hesitant in Flurry being so close. But with care and some treats later, Flurry gained his trust. Since that day they have both been inseparable. Ansel accompanies Flurry around the castle and even in some of her travels. Flurry at first was scared he would run away or get lost but he would mostly be by her side or hide in her hair and poke out his head.
  • For now, Flurry has been occupied often with her studies and learning the etiquettes of being a princess. Although it has gotten to a point of being weird, like dressing in other way that she is not comfortable with, even needing to salute and learn new phrases like “Yes my love” or “Yes my sire”. She thinks it might just be for different etiquette as she is growing up, but it is more to it than that.
Haaa I’m tired lol, and I can’t make much noise with my key board as my family is asleep lol
I will be doing some refs for the mean time and updating my Next Gen story and designs. Again slap me for not doing a ref for this girl, she is one of my main characters how could I.
I don’t feel like posting these on Patreon as these are just quick and pretty designs. On the other hand, I will be posting my Next Gen story illustrations on my Patreon, but first I want to get the designs out of the way.
Hope you guys like it~


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