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Hefty Legacy of the Void spoilers.
Most people would probably think something relating to a Phoenix… I think of EQG apparently.

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I prefer to think that whatever Kerrigan is doing as a Xel’naga is pretty much up in the air. Something about a cycle, but really, everything seems to calm the fuck down after Amon dies, and then a whole two years passed for her to do any and all necessary clean ups. Then she can go through with giving 0 fucks about a ’cycle’ or whatever her new job apparently is and go do what she’s wanted to do the entire time and be with Jim. Surprisingly, doing so seems like the easiest thing to accept because Narud could apparently exist in the world, and shapeshift to whatever he needed.
If Kerrigan wanted to go back and be her old self, it seems pretty reasonable that she very well could… Though she may end up out living Jim, which is a shame, but hey, she gets what she always wanted and so does he. The galaxy isn’t going anywhere, so I think she can dodge whatever new responsibility she has for a few decades. Even if shit were getting real for some reason, she could probably take off within a few seconds to deal with it.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I didn’t but now I can’t unsee it.

Personally, I loved the Protoss campaign, but they had to finish the whole prophecy thing they started since Wings of Liberty. I think it worked more in favor of Zeratul and "Tassadar" than the rest of the cast since it explains a lot about what they’ve done.

Also, I really have no idea how Raynor ended. The simple choice would be to accept Kerrigan somehow got back as a human and they both disappeared to find their own adventures but it’s also the hardest ending to take since nothing before it hinted towards that.
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MFW I realize Legacy of the Void Came out yesterday and I had no idea until I saw this image

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Background Human
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

CHS, Class of 20XX
"My Past Is Not Today," indeed.

Also, from what I’ve heard it sounds like Kerrigan reaching out to Amon to redeem him with the magic of friendship would not have been any more ridiculous than the rest of this ending.
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Jimmy really deserved a break….from the fall of Marsara, Ascension and dethroning of Mengsk Sr., till the very bloody end, he just kept fighting the good fight…
salutes while crying
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@Background Pony #3303
I didn’t mind the story as much as I should’ve… mostly because when you do something like that, how do you actually pull it off in the end?
I mean they’re fighting their variation of a god, so… Either someone is getting sacrificed, or someone is taking on a shit load of power, or both.
If it wasn’t that, somehow I think it would’ve been a hell of a lot worse. I’m gonna take it for what it is and just accept that her and Jim somehow got together in the end, both alive (apparently) and question no further.

Besides, I had Discord in my god damn war council in the campaign, as if that doesn’t make up for everything. Alarak is the fucking best.
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You’re not the only one.

Contemplate these Chinese cartoons, they’re all the same!
Really though, Blizzard have outdone themselves this time.
People were complaining about the mess that WoW created from the once amazing Warcraft story but it’s sadly obvious now it’s not WoW that’s at fault here. It’s Blizzard itself.

Oh well, at least the campaign is fun to play as long as you ignore the story.
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