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I don't know what the pose is meant to me, I was envisioning something silly, but it ended up looking more like a drunken stagger. Oh well. Also those sleeves don't match in length, but due to how the shirt design is done, I don't feel like redoing it just to fix a minor thing. The shirt design brings the file size way up still, but I still like how it looks. Just don't remove the outline, for your sake.

Penis design was mostly drawn from >>872247 with medial ring added to make it more hybridized.

Also I'm sorry.
explicit321997 artist:lightningbolt824 derpibooru exclusive24684 half-siren103 pony856557 .svg available7511 bottomless12339 bring me the horizon307 clothes414529 dolphin penis13 dripping4556 erection11234 fangs22421 fins831 fish tail296 genital slit348 glow3909 grin33433 hair over one eye8244 horn45028 hybrid penis391 jewelry52126 kellin quinn278 lidded eyes26406 male310508 medial ring4175 necklace15571 nudity338519 partial nudity17419 penis139386 ponified38698 precum9380 raised hoof39910 raised leg6825 raised tail13486 shirt21589 show accurate11126 show accurate porn6028 simple background349906 sleeping with sirens284 slit eyes4119 smiling218575 socks57470 solo982483 solo male24201 svg3185 t-shirt3716 tail20063 tongue out91997 transparent background181211 vector71632


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