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suggestive (82335)artist:stoic5 (545)rainbow dash (166985)bedroom eyes (33530)female (408045)flockdraw (281)looking at you (75292)looking back (27138)looking back at you (2102)mare (168093)monochrome (109877)pegasus (98320)plot (47962)pony (400878)raised tail (7993)solo (666191)tail (6630)tongue out (49057)underhoof (29743)


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Background Pony #62B7
It’s an old pic. Back in the day, stoic used to draw lots of sketches. This one was drawn on Flockmod, which is a collaborative canvas, hence the other drawings and the text, made by other people. The question about the RPG game is because stoic was working on a pony game back then.
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