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Background Pony #4F59
This is the closest the show has gotten to Body Horror reminiscent of AKIRA! No WONDER they toned it down!
Background Pony #8EC0
I never realized they toned it down.

Even with the final version, if they can do that to evil clones of the Mane 6, there's no reason they can't destroy Chrysalis with outline effect or a shower of sparkles (like the villain in Glitter Force: Doki Doki), and no reason Sombra and the Storm King can't be dead.
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@Background Pony #AD53
When I was 8 years old I watched this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4voZl28ADM from The Dark Crystal and I turned out mostly OK. My issues stem from shitty things people did to me not from stuff I saw in a movie. If anything it's movies like Dark Crystal that helped me through all that shittiness. I'm sure your sister would be fine.
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As a little kid, anything with distorted faces really scared me, but I'm not sure this alteration would have made much of a difference in how much it would have disturbed me. As an adult, I perceive the version on the left as more gruesome, but as a little kid I probably wouldn't have even noticed the details, just the fact that Twilight's face was melting.

Twilight is best pony
So… any source for the original ?

1. That's a leak and we probably shouldn't link it here
2. The "original" had really weird colors and no background music, as well as annoying time counters all over the screen.

It's really only a split second. I think someone has already uploaded the full sequence on Derpi somewhere to illustrate the difference.

Edit: I can't find it anymore. It must have been deleted for the very reason I mentioned above: it's from the leak.
Background Pony #CF6B
@Background Pony #8D8A

I don't think that theory is very likely. It's the only major visual change in the episode. Why would they have finished everything except that one shot?

Also if you compared the animation in the scene, the original has her face change throughout the scene. This edit is much more simpler with a static image of the edited face sliding off screen.
Background Pony #5555
@infinita est lux Solis
@Background Pony #8D8A
And if you’re making art on your own, that may be true. But that’s not the case here. These artists are working for a company and are being paid to produce a specified image. So it’s not a matter of censorship, it’s a matter of them creating what the client paying them has requested.

Corporations are a sin against democracy… You have a series of rich leaders who command the employees of said company who have very little choice in what the do and how much they get paid. Those employees should be allowed to chose what they can and can't do. This censorship is the result of these elitist bastards thinking that children shouldn't see something like this and command their workers to change it, meanwhile the actual artists working on this have no say in the matter.
First of all, I hate to break it to you, but the whole "rich people paying artists for specific works" thing has been around since the middle ages. Heck, some of history's greatest art was created under patronage. Feel free to look it up.

Secondly, artists are perfectly free to do whatever they want on their own time. But this isn't their own time, and you cannot make a consistent cartoon if everyone is doing whatever they want. An episode where the art style shifts rapidly between expressionism and cubism because the people working on it had different visions of what they were doing, set to the unrelated drone of a theremin, might be super artistic, but who on earth would watch it?

And third, unless you've heard something different, the only reason we actually have for why this scene has (slightly) changed is that one is unfinished, and other is not. So spare me the censorship bit.