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A vector that I made from a sketch that my best friend Anonshy and here’s her painting version >>1940363

Special thanks to Anonshy for providing the sketch
safe (1395468)artist:aureai-sketches (111)artist:cyanlightning (833)rarity (153471)absurd res (60779)chest fluff (24602)cute (142188)ear fluff (16875)female (726697)floppy ears (40136)happy (22900)horn jewelry (406)horn ring (4230)jewelry (36558)looking at something (1754)mare (318571)one eye closed (19407)pony (664527)raribetes (3519)ring (1559)simple background (282244)smiling (176532)solo (857276).svg available (6573)transparent background (147915)unicorn (191043)unshorn fetlocks (17939)vector (65193)


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