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Hioshiru’s art is too cute to not save as a wallpaper, buuut I also like my wallpapers SFW so here’s a safe edit. Source is original NSFW post.
safe (1395481)artist:hioshiru (870)edit (93513)oc (510120)oc:eileen (8)oc only (356661)autumn (1125)blushing (149575)butt (6120)chest fluff (24607)cute (142189)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2472)dock (36578)ear fluff (16876)earth pony (138890)eyelashes (2971)featureless crotch (5220)female (726715)fluffy (11247)hnnng (2005)leaves (1206)legs in air (2988)looking at you (116272)mare (318583)mouth hold (12879)nom (2587)ocbetes (3121)on back (19565)one eye closed (19407)outdoors (5378)plot (63266)pony (664543)sfw edit (157)smiling (176533)solo (857293)underhoof (40191)


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Background Pony #47B4
People that are not into ponies would still find this pretty disturbing for a wallpaper.
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