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A vinyl scratch commission as a callback to an older piece with a bit of a different setup! :3

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suggestive (105754)artist:skipsy (642)dj pon-3 (25815)vinyl scratch (29909)absolute cleavage (1915)anthro (186396)breasts (184035)busty vinyl scratch (2071)cleavage (25231)clothes (328417)female (682745)hands in pockets (168)hoodie (9397)looking at you (109935)no bra underneath (131)pants (8447)solo (827387)solo female (148258)unicorn (174378)


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #16F2
Somehow I can totally see Vinyl as one of those girls who just doesn’t wear a bra much, if at all.

Massive boobs is a big no-no, but I can overlook that aspect when the whole pic is great, aided by it being Vinyl Scratch with a suitably feminine body overall.
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