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safe (1520049) artist:kaikururu (271) princess celestia (87489) princess luna (91525) twilight sparkle (275880) alicorn (183376) pony (796274) cape (8519) clothes (389133) comic (97069) female (845359) inconvenient celestia (6) majestic as fuck (1113) mare (386311) meme (76493) parody (14950) royal sisters (3591) sailor moon (1243) scene parody (843) simple background (323893) tuxedo mask (55) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110767) white background (80968)


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #6980
do nothing? protect and rule equestria for over 1000 years is nothing? is a big thing! the problem is many fan belive she do nothing is not true! she do a lot a thing in the shadow(or out the scream) all the big evil or problem twilight and her friends a deal with it , are little of celestia do everyday, wont celestia wars will be on the door of equestria! many fan belive she useless but is not true! sure i dont know the royal stuff but think of all the royal stuff she deal every day! so luna and cadance a deal every day! plus the main evils we see the mane 6 face up, are only the tip of the ice breker! celestia set somepony to deal with a problem is not she can't deal it her self but she trust this pony for fixe the problem! so every guards who normaly we see in the show lost agains main treats? what you want the steal the job of the hero and save the day? well wake up! if all guards can do this , is mean no hero! think in zelda of the guards be lost agains the evil! is the guards can fight it back wont help of heros is no need of hero! but if we forget of every main bad guys, the guards deal with many crimenal, like killer,theif and other stuff a guards need to do for the kingdom! of course the guards will be out match from the force of evil! not all guards are the same level! plus every guards in the show a be get by surprice by them! like the 3 pegasus guards who a try to take down nightmare moon, but is a stupid idea to fight a alicorn of darkness wont be prepre but she too powerful! the guards who be attack by tirek who be helping by discord! sorry but the guards are out match! the guards get capture by the changeling, is by surprice! all of you forget some very importent fact! every guards or wonderbolt a be get by surprice! and dont say you see all this coming and you fight back and save the day! sorry but you are weaker then a guard, you are nothing but a normal civil! not a hero! i am not better! i can see coming some say * i take a gun and take down the bad guy and fast* sorry but you a no chance and two , you forget you be attack by surprice like all guards! you will a not the time to get a gun or other weapon! the time the bad guy will show up is be too later! plus celestia will not let some civil wake in the steet with weapons! only the guards a the right to have weapons plus i am pretty sure is a BIG no of Guns in equestria! Why? Remenber what a crimenal can do with this? plus if you have gun in equestria, the enemy will have some too! so you are screw!
Background Pony #A358
@Watermelon Changeling
Besides maintaining a kingdom for over a thousand years, keeping a stable orbit of the moon and sun, keeping nightmares out of the common pony folks minds, and being relatively financially stable along with the upkeep of diplomatic stability? Give them some credit now, just because they focus on the mane six and don't show other character accomplishments doesn't mean that they never did anything. And yes, I know I'm taking a joke image and comments too seriously.