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safe1636787 screencap213484 bifröst131 fuchsia frost108 goldy wings73 earth pony222905 pegasus264761 pony901873 she's all yak1128 alternate cutie mark1501 animated95183 background pony9768 cute189241 dancing7977 eyes closed85975 female1302759 friendship student1571 gif29313 happy29426 party hard334 pony prance5 tail wrap6226


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Pulse Wave
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Busy procrastinating
@Mellow Rhythm
So is the name of that totally cute pink pony (the one with the off-white mane) actually "Cherry Cake" then?

I mean, it might as well be either way. Suits her

Fuchsia Frost. It has been that for months now.
Background Pony #6B8E
Which is why I always try to make OCs with rarer colors:)
Like, green ponies? What are those? They’re so rare there’s still lots of options.
Background Pony #21F3
They look like they're jamming to Colors Flying High, the P5 Royal theme song.
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The Devil's Advocate
Am I the only one who thinks that the pony with a cherry pie as a cutiemark looks like Clear Sky?