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safe1597347 artist:stinkehund299 apple bloom47080 applejack161023 big macintosh26863 bon bon15546 cheerilee9474 derpy hooves48361 fluttershy201084 lyra heartstrings28204 pinkie pie205665 rainbow dash222146 rarity172192 scootaloo49267 spike74971 sweetie belle46883 sweetie drops15551 twilight sparkle285682 dragon49588 earth pony209861 pegasus251183 pony867028 unicorn277931 applepie750 book31092 bridle3269 cheerimac787 christmas11880 christmas tree3463 collar29540 cutie mark crusaders18187 detailed726 dragons riding ponies519 female1270655 filly60553 fireplace2395 flutterbloom22 flying35015 golden oaks library4615 holiday16046 holly1532 holly mistaken for mistletoe774 interior517 leash7030 lesbian91046 levitation10843 library2947 lyrabon3129 magic67210 male337636 mane seven6047 mane six30063 mare431403 present5324 riding4930 rope10472 saddle1990 scootaloo can't fly495 shipping185946 sleeping21933 sparity6316 stallion95566 straight126020 tack3935 telekinesis25066 toe socks49 tree28605 twidash4957 unicorn twilight13952 vector71691


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


Hey what if its just for Winona

And AJ is teacher her how to wrangle…

…Still sweet with Derpy and Scoots though.

Also, Hah. Toe socks for Lyra. And Fluttershy is being painted like a french filly.