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safe1808112 artist:stinkehund307 apple bloom52845 applejack177288 big macintosh29483 bon bon16972 cheerilee10238 derpy hooves51501 fluttershy222613 lyra heartstrings30571 pinkie pie224916 rainbow dash243859 rarity190261 scootaloo52827 spike82361 sweetie belle50648 sweetie drops16972 twilight sparkle313166 dragon61792 earth pony289878 pegasus332235 pony1146866 unicorn367122 applepie810 book35726 bridle3995 cheerimac814 christmas16151 christmas tree4764 collar36498 cutie mark crusaders19716 detailed836 dragons riding ponies674 female1453290 filly73559 fireplace3015 flutterbloom25 flying41262 golden oaks library5380 holiday24036 holly1882 holly mistaken for mistletoe934 interior569 leash8412 lesbian102163 levitation13056 library3394 lyrabon3499 magic78270 male406957 mane seven6850 mane six33289 mare529270 present6560 riding7817 rope12340 saddle2250 scootaloo can't fly516 scootaloo riding derpy2 shipping212247 sleeping24572 sparity7107 spike riding rarity37 stallion124859 straight145318 tack5243 telekinesis30020 toe socks55 tree35815 twidash5411 unicorn twilight20336 vector80020


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Hey what if its just for Winona
And AJ is teacher her how to wrangle…
…Still sweet with Derpy and Scoots though.
Also, Hah. Toe socks for Lyra. And Fluttershy is being painted like a french filly.