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Request by 3D4D I hope you like it :D (Big Grin) Sorry for the delay
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (C) Hasbro Studios.
Characters goes to their respective owners, I own nothing but the image.
safe1586425 artist:maretrick36 flash sentry12143 sunset shimmer58184 equestria girls181763 converse5105 eyes closed81085 female909257 flashimmer1866 guitar4388 male308777 musical instrument7028 shipping185295 shoes30831 simple background348666 sitting55687 smiling217831 straight122576 transparent background180591 vector71488


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Background Pony #FA16
Bro. It's just a ship between two fictional characters.

Legit, if you don't like it.(or in your'e case, "unappealing" Filter it out. Literally just making a statement on a ship you don't like for the reason to establish you don't like it doesn't even matter.

Why? Cuz this is the internet. Everyone's opinion is different. Some people like this ship, some hate it, some are contempt and some don't care.