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safe1600248 artist:jowybean842 night light2069 princess celestia90470 rainbow dash222445 shining armor21880 spike75080 twilight sparkle286083 twilight velvet3936 dragon49774 unicorn278912 adopted offspring950 baby9797 baby dragon1295 book31171 cute183554 dawwww440 drool22840 eyes closed82745 family4083 father and child525 father and son819 female1272841 filly60726 filly rainbow dash1121 fireplace2399 high res22895 jowybean is trying to murder us2 magic67411 male338463 mug3776 newspaper1568 open mouth127462 plushie22315 reading5857 sitting56590 sleeping21975 sonic rainboom1033 spikabetes1874 teddy bear1244 telekinesis25146 window7574 wood692 younger15722


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

A waste of biomatter
The detail is incredible. The artwork on the left showcasing History,the family portraits on the left,the details of the buildings outside in the setting sun…or is this the rising sun in the morning after an all nigher of reading,Just like his daughter?

The room is just absurdly comfy and makes the Sparkle family seem to be quite wealthy.
Jake The Army Guy


I love literally every single thing about this pic, and the previous one with Twilight Velvet. Really wish the dhow had shown interaction between Spike and Twi's parents. Or Spike and Shining Armor.