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Flutters & FauFau.
The two embodiments of Nature relaxing behind Fauna’s favorite resting spot, a big old tree deep within the Everfree Forest.


Thanks! All that 2 weeks of crazy work and sleeplessness just to forge this art then be in the front page really paid off!

safe2199906 artist:count oxymagomedov sear38 derpibooru exclusive41115 fluttershy261468 human251195 pegasus508429 pony1630402 g42055895 barefoot35550 breasts397988 ceres fauna2 crossover73717 cute269480 daaaaaaaaaaaw7132 featured image1232 feet55330 forest15982 high res409262 hololive52 hololive eng20 lying down49147 nature3227 prone35954 resting736 shyabetes19538 sleeping29737 traditional art144808 tree50633 vtuber143


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In digital purgatory
@Shavkat Rakhmonov
This is my first time seeing her, and she’s amazing.
She’s chill, the image of vtubers in my mind is like hyper self absorbed alcoholics (brb my projector is smoking)
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