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Yes, I am a fan of Snowdrop. She’s just so cute.

safe2174930 artist:diana173076137 apple bloom60051 button mash4819 rumble4508 scootaloo58777 sweetie belle56763 tender taps842 oc947800 oc:snowdrop1404 alicorn314296 earth pony446582 pegasus496758 pony1603067 unicorn538243 g42029914 alicornified7511 apple bloom's bow3417 bow44707 colt20493 cutie mark crusaders22389 dazed188 derp8368 dizzy1113 eyes closed139047 female1803349 filly97403 foal44224 hair bow25641 male550958 pile616 pony pile966 race swap21671 simple background596583 sweetiecorn97 the cmc's cutie marks5174 unamused24037 white background161877


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