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Yes, I am a fan of Snowdrop. She’s just so cute.

safe2171378 artist:diana173076137 apple bloom59926 button mash4817 rumble4502 scootaloo58700 sweetie belle56670 tender taps842 oc945925 oc:snowdrop1404 alicorn313480 earth pony445000 pegasus495202 pony1599481 unicorn536619 g42025993 alicornified7498 apple bloom's bow3387 bow44517 colt20470 cutie mark crusaders22350 dazed188 derp8364 dizzy1100 eyes closed138700 female1799349 filly97186 foal44004 hair bow25523 male549701 pile613 pony pile964 race swap21591 simple background594519 sweetiecorn97 the cmc's cutie marks5170 unamused23992 white background160992


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