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Vent thread

Started by GargantuanBass
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Can I please get a real job now!? Come on HR, please get back to me on Monday. I had a really bad dream last night about getting left behind acedmically and professionally, which to be frank I already am. I need to start getting in a career and getting my bachelor’s and master’s degrees along with some certificates very quickly.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

I’d be where I need to be right now if I were just allowed to have a real job in my career field.I had a chance at a job that would give me great training and experience as well as a very impressive resume and letters of recoomendation. I would be set if I was working there, the pay was pretty good too. They would even pay for college.

I almost had the job too. I left the manager very impressed but HR, which is outsourced and therefore not even part of the company decided no. HR wasn’t even in the interview; thier decision apparently contradicted HR. And now here I sit at 32 years old with no career or degree all because I just can’t get started. It’s pathetic and I can’t take it anymore!
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Those little assholes can go fuck themselves. Article 13 is garbage, pure and simple. It’ll be ten times worse than the scenario/idea of a mother being sued by some record label because "Hit me baby one more time" is playing in the background of a video.
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I feel you. Literally. I’m not much younger than you and I am also with no career, no degree.

Difference is that you’re motivated to change yourself and have actually made legitimate effort to improve your situation by talking to ppl, impressing them in interviews etc.

Me? I’m depressed, unwilling, unmotivated, probably lost all hope. My CV / Resumé is a blank piece of paper because I have no skills no nothing.

Listen. I sincerely want you to succeed. Good luck on your part.
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Great. My windows 10 installation is toast. And of course like the smart individual I am, I forgot to make a windows 10 usb, so there’s no way to use my computer until my new copy of windows 10 arrives.

Still have my phone though so it’s not so bad.
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