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Meet Western Germany’s only serial-produced bi-current locomotive. And Seafoam.  
25 were built, mostly for trains to and from France and Luxemburg. Two kept the original blue livery until today, one (181 203) with the original Bundesbahn logo, one (181 201) with the raspberry red/white logo from the late 1980s/early 1990s.
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@Searly Sear
I wish our American Railroads would see mostly passenger service, too bad its mostly freight service.
Unfortunately Congress would actually have to give Amtrak money for that to work. Any sort of passenger service doesn’t work that well unless it receives some sort of support. Freight doesn’t need amenities and pays out in bulk and not per piece. This also applies to a whole lot of things, esspecially in the US in what one “DoNotEat01” (look up his video on public housing in YouTube, this is what this pulled from) calls: “The oldest trick on the book”
Basically you pay all capital costs - building, ceremonies, etc - upfront but then insist operations costs (janitors, keeping the lights on, daily activity) need to be 1:1 self sufficient. This means unless whatever it is is not running at top capacity all the time it loses money.
Amtrak of course has the added dillema there is no or there is no dedicated passenger service rail lines in the country. Everything is privately run for freight which has right of way.
As a fun aside on that however: the entire food distribution infrastructure in the US is reliant on a single rail freight company. So if it dies for any reason - say shenanigans in investing their profits or revenues in market schemes - we’ll starve.
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