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I couldn’t help but notice that we don’t have a thread for RWBY.
Now I am doubtful that I am the only one here who likes RWBY, so let’s talk about it.
Thread Starter - Overwatch thread

Here’s a little something I found a little while ago:
RWBY: Grim Eclipse
Here is the trailer of a fan made RWBY game.
It’s a character action game where you play as Ruby fighting waves of beowolves. As of this moment I don’t believe the creator has any plans for continuing this game, but it is fun nonetheless.
Download for the game is in the videos description.
Thread Starter - Overwatch thread

Well so far the only thing I’ve watched for volume 2 is the opening (I’m trying to avoid knowing too much) and from what I’ve glimpsed from that is:
Sun Wukong gets/has a team.
Velvet is going to get some screen time. (she’s apparently going to have a really cool weapon)
Penny and, giving Monty’s love for Blazblue, what appears to be RWBY’s version of Sector 07 shows up.
The return of Junior and the twins.
As for the story, I have literately no idea as to what may happen.
At the very least, I’m hopefully for some backstory to be shown for Team RWBY. Who knows maybe we’ll get to learn more about Summer Rose, or better yet, maybe we’ll get to see Uncle Qrow.
Invader TAK

*pulls up a chair* Definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s premiere. Volume 1 was great, if a little rough around the edges. But yeah, badass soundtrack, badass fight scenes, badass weapon combinations, good characters, interesting world, you can’t go wrong.
Now while we’re waiting, let’s have a show of hands. Who else compared Penny to a Murakumo Unit from BlazBlue when she started kicking ass? *raises hands*

I REALLY hope Cardin becomes a coo guy in Season 2.
I wanna ship him with Jaune.
^ in the red spoiler.. Ya srs, this series hasn’t even released the premier and you already wanna do a gay ship..
facepalm with Crescent Rose (Ruby’s weapon)
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