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Princess Celestia
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


Welcome to this year’s event

Hi. This year we’re not really doing any joke per-se. All of the jokes we could run were considered “too real”, “too serious” and “too sad” by site staff. Hence we’ve decided to make a very simple site-wide game for you.


This game is simple. You upload stuff, you comment on stuff, and you post forum posts. For doing so, you receive points. In the near future we’ll probably also add tagging to this, but frankly I’ve been kind of overworked so I skipped it for now.

What are points?

A meaningless number. You earn them to have your team “win”.


The winner team gets a special customized badge. The loser team gets their team logo as a badge.
Important: you must be at least of Rank F (5 points) to qualify for a badge!


Here’s a table of point rewards
Action Reward
Uploading 10 points
Forum post 2 points
Comment 1 point
and punishments
Action Penalty
Image deletion -15 points
Forum post deletion -4 points
Comment deletion -2 point
How come punishments take away more points than their action counterparts? If we have to do moderation actions on your content, it means you’re probably not playing the game in a good spirit of the game. We will not tolerate rule breaking behavior only to gain some points.
All of your points may be taken away if you consistently demonstrate abusive behavior.

What’s rank?

A fun display of how much time you wasted on this event. Ranks range from F to A, with some in-between for achieving meme numbers, such as “69” points granting you “Rank: NICE”, or 420 points qualifying you for “Rank: GRASS”.
Point requirement increases exponentially. To receive the “A” rank, you must receive 5000 points.
Here’s a table:
Rank Minimum required points
F 5
E 25
D 100
C 500
B 2000
A 5000
Some ranks are granted for achieving an exact number of points.
Rank Exact point requirement
L33T 1337
V.NICE 6969
And finally, there is Rank S. It’s granted to 10 players with the most points. (display of this rank still needs to be implemented into the code, I’ll do that momentarily)

How long will this event run for?

Unlike typical April Fools, this event will run for a week. The deadline is April 7, 23:59:59 UTC.

Any other ways to earn points?

We are considering adding other ways to earn points, such as tagging. We had no time to do it just yet. So yeah. Keep posted in this thread.

Can I change my team?

Not anymore. The deadline for team change was April 1, 23:59:59 UTC. No further team change requests will be accepted.

Have fun.

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