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I am actually interested in Diamond Tiara. I’m still doing a fic about Diamond Tiara getting stuck on an igloo that was build by Pipsqueak. The second fic is called “Crusaders No More”. This take place after the MLP episode, “School Raze”. The CMC failed to save everypony. So they decided to close down their club. But the Mane Six wanted them to return to the School of Friendship. The Student Six wanted them to understand that they were the greatest fillies they ever met. Meanwhile, this new villain emerges and wreaks havoc on Equestria. The CMC must reunite to save everypony with the help of ponies from different universes. This is were the story features a few OCs. So which MLP OC will be in my story? Who will be the villain of Crusaders No More? Make a list of OCs that will be in my story and find out who the villain will be.
Well, I might be done with the reply. I’ll let you know which story I’ll be making.
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Both stories sound great. But man that second story sounds awesome!
I don’t know a lot about season 8 right now, I still have to get to that point, but I know that the CMC weren’t as involved as I would have liked. But now they have a chance to save Equestria themselves. That sounds great.
I wonder if Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon can be involved too.
Of course for the igloo, if this is after Diamond got reformed then maybe it would be a time for her to show her positive side and even have a heartfelt discussion with Pipsqueak and their backstories and even Silver Spoons could be gotten into.
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