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reformation is the best
what do you think about this idea?
in the town or the whole land where the creatures of the night live on they use quartz chrystals as their power source like how Dinotopia has the sunstones and Atlantis the lost empire use chrystals to power tier technology (remember that movie?)
so the land in my AU would use these chrystals for electricity and one extremely powerful one, powers the whole land from the founding town that is still in equestria
(if you get far enough into that town there is an invisible portal at the near end of the forest that takes you to the new land and you can tell by some pillars there are roads leading to it.)
the chrystals have multiple uses depending on what magic the pony or creature infused them with and can change to colour to represent that purpose.
electricity = white
powered down due to broken wires or malfunction with the machine = dim light
normal pony in the forest but is no threat = green
normal pony with strange and unknown intentions = purple
a creature hunter (that is a pony who hunts the creatures of the night) = red
all shine a bright light so a guard will be noticed in their uniforms or in their bases
the withes are the ones who discovered this by testing chrystals for their uses and power and found out one can conduct electricity with the use of magic
they learn how chrystals are formed and use magic to make more if needed but for the founding of the land, town and its tech they only make the ones that are necessary
due to the need to find magma from the earth, it would take a long journey to there they found the chrystals and do some mining with special suits
depending on the job the crystals can be so powerful that with the use of magic they can levitate an entire train but would still need a path in order for it to work but it can do it and thus any creature can travel from town to town on a train or in vehicles
(but they rarely use vehicles unless they want to go on a family vacation with just the family and not on a public train)
also, a normal pony will get out of the forest with a special fog that a guard will cast to send them to the end of the forest so they will never find the town but unless a special normal pony can make it past the fog that means they are a potential friend
so what do you think of this idea with the use of chrystals, they still use light bulbs and the chrystals are still used for technology but if a wire is cut then it won’t work unless it’s powerful enough to not need any wires
the main Chrystal is in the founding town and it releases a frequency to power the other chrystals that other towns have
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