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Feel free to use them! Just say you got the idea from someone here. Just please don’t use them for NSFW or fetish stories. Or use any shipping, swearing, vulgulur or blasphemy in them (Well, I think it’s fair to ask for that, since I am giving away free ideas)
Also. If you do use an idea somewhere. If you want, it would be nice if you linked it in the thread. So I can give it a read!
Some of them were originally RP plot ideas. But I decided to post them here so people can write them if they want.
Story 1: Zoom has to protect Cloudpuff as she tries to get him safely to Queen Haven. But it’s during a heavy storm and they’re lost in the forest near Bridlewood. The reason why they can’t just fly is because Zoom’s wing is injured
Story 2: Jazz gets bullied for her lack of ears and runs away. Pipp and Rocky only knew Jazz for a month or two in this one. But they still try and look for her. Maybe in the end, a complete stranger (Like Thunder, Zoom, Alphabittle, Etc.) stops her from committing suicide and/or assuring she is loved and special, just the way she is
Story 3: Either Zoom or Thunder protects Queen Haven from a dangerous snake. Getting bitten instead of her. But as a result of the bite, they only have a few days left to live. So the other guard and whoever else you choose has to find the antidote, which comes from a rare plant, only spotted deep in the dangerous swampy forest
This one can either end happily with Zoom/Thunder living. Or have a sad ending where they don’t make it with the antidote in time. Or have both endings, one as an alternate ending
Story 4: Some sort of ball, or party type thing happening in Zephyr Heights’s throne room (like in “Manesqaure Ball”) But something big happens, but everyone learns to have fun regardless
Story 5: Zipp is stranded out in the sea with two others (your choice. But it’d be funny if it was someone like Onyx or Jazz, because of their different personalities) out in sea. They find an island, while there they find a tribe of griffons. It ends with them being rescued but having to keep the griffons a secret till the time is right and they reveal themselves to the ponies
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