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{Hello all creatures}  
Hi, ponies of Equestria , today I brought you a new blog, this time and for the first time I will write a story called “Platinum and Silver”. The story is a drama and puzzles at the same time. I hope you enjoy reading ✒  
••. • ´¯ •. •• (Let's get started) ••. • ´¯ •. ••  
Once upon a time, in a very long time in the tribe of the unicorn, there was a princess called Princess Platinum, the daughter of the unicorn king. She was authoritarian, arrogant, and demanding. But after completing the age of 20, a personal butler servant brought her to her, and his name was Clover the clever, and the son of her educators was helping her with anything and would be with her. One day she asked Clover  
  • Platin *: - Clover I want to ask you since you are my personal assistant so he said  
    <Clover>: - Your Majesty’s course  
    Suddenly, the princess rethinks and says * Platin *: - No, I don’t forget it, you are just an assistant.  
    And then she goes and remembers suddenly when she was young and she was with her nanny and she saw Clover and she feels that there is a strange bond between him and her, but she was young and ignored him and she was asking Volt about how she felt towards Clover, but she avoided it and after a while he died Platin’s father and at the ceremony of the transfer of government began a series of strong snowstorms, and these storms were from the “Windigos” and due to this storm, problems occurred between the tribes. Alone and all of the colts have siblings apart from her, and on her journey with Clover to find a new land she was dealing with Clover with impudence. We thought that she was hiding her hurt feelings. So Clover did this and asked her frankly.  
    <Clover>: Your Majesty, I want to ask you honestly, why do I feel uncomfortable?  
    Then the princess ignores the subject and starts complaining about the length of the road, and after a while they find the new land, they find that the rest of the tribes share them in the land, and after a long fight the land begins to freeze and hide in a cave  
    ••. • ´¯ •. •• (continued) ••. • ´¯ •. ••  
    And this is how we got to the end of the first part of the story. I hope you liked it and lived in the second part. Share your opinions in the comments and see ya 😉
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