"Self-Changing Metal"

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{Hello Ponies & Creatures}  
I returned with the new part of the story, entitled “Changing the Metal of the Self.” I hope you liked the first part, and the second part will be great and enjoy reading ✑  
••. • ´¯ •. •• (Let's get started) ••. • ´¯ •. ••  
After they reached the cave and hid in it, disagreements occurred again, which led to the arrival of “Windigos” to them and froze the princess and the rest of the leaders. With her and Clover, when he helped her once to escape from the wooden wolf, she was wandering in the woods, and she was lost. And you find that Clover and the assistants of the rest of the leaders are the reason. They discuss and unite in the participation of the land and call it “Equestria”. In the period of the leaders returning to their tribes and preaching to the new land, Clover notes a great change in the princess and the princess was very happy. She says  
  • Platin *: - Clover I am really happy when it happened We found a new land and we became friends and we defeated these creatures I am excited to tell your mother eV!  
    <Clover>: Me too, and my mom will be proud of you  
    When they arrive, the princess runs while she is happy at the Volt room, so she is surprised by the presence of servants and guards in front of her room door  
  • Platin *: - What … what is there ?! Why do you all front in volt room door?  
    A servant: - Your Majesty, the Volt is dying  
  • Platin *: - What! Not impossible  
    She enters an accelerated and tense Volt room and finds it lying in bed looking at the window.  
  • Platin *: - Volt!  
    Volt: - The Princess with .. Platinum ?! Oh this is you! how are you…  
  • Platin *: - It doesn’t matter now what happened to you!  
    Volt: - Your Majesty nothing important …  
  • Platin *: - Nothing important ?! And you are dying!  
    Volt: - Your Majesty regretted that I was struck by a snowman. I did not tell you so that I will not leave you or your parents about your mission. I just want to tell you something important that you wanted to know a long time ago.  
  • Platin *: - It does not matter now. We must bring the doctor in order for me to improve!  
    Volt: - Platin, I will not live anymore. Hear what I want to say, and please do not get angry … From the day you were born, you were not alone, but you had a brother, so if you were born, you were born with a brother after you and he is your twin, and this brother is Clover  
    ••. • ´¯ •. •• (continued) ••. • ´¯ •. ••  
    And this is the end of the second part and the one in the third part. I hope that you liked this part of the story. Please join me. I see you in the comments and goodbye 😊
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