The Ballad of the Two Sisters


There lives in old Equestria  
The Princess fair Celestia  
Charged with moving the moon and sun above,
She had no partner, nor a friend  
To aid in her task without end  
She despaired for she had no-one to love.
The heavens were once all she knew  
Her sun, her moon, her skies of blue  
And her clouds fattened with both rain and snow,
But glories of the sky above  
Paled next to somepony to love  
And was a cruel fact for her to know.
Yet Celestia soldiered on  
From dawn to dusk, from dusk to dawn  
Accepting that this was the way of things,
But this was not to be her lot  
She’d soon find the friendship she sought  
For something wondrous waited in the wings…
One night she returned to her room  
Her only friend midnight’s dim gloom  
She sighed sadly and shook her pink-maned head,
She opened her room’s heavy door  
And was shocked to her very core  
A filly was asleep upon her bed!
Waking with the lightest of sighs  
She opened her lovely green eyes  
Each pony’s eyes locked upon the other,
The filly was the first to speak  
In a lovely voice soft and meek  
She asked the Princess “Are you my mother?”
The question caught her by surprise  
And tears of pure joy filled her eyes  
She leaned down and kissed the dark filly’s head,
“Though that would please me to no end  
I am not, my dear little friend  
But I can be sister to you instead.”
Her mane and coat both dark as night  
They glowed softly with their own light  
The filly’s eyes were a-glow just the same,
Bereft of name, of title none  
Celestia chose for her one  
“Luna” would be her friend and equal’s name.
Her coming was no chance event  
There was a reason she’d been sent  
And that special reason came to light soon,
Not merely one, no, there were two  
To love her and to be loved too  
And to become the Princess of the Moon.
She would show her how it was done  
Raising moon after setting sun  
And lower it to hasten forth dawn bright,
Luna would be her protégé  
Celestia would show the way  
And teach her how she would control the night.
That could come on a later day  
For now she wished to prance and play  
With dear Luna, the apple of her eye,
But then that day came, all to soon  
To teach Luna to raise the moon  
And she commenced the lessons with a sigh.
The lessons taught were quickly learned  
For the young Princess Luna yearned  
To help Celestia in any way,
Besides, it looked like it was fun  
Raising moon after setting sun  
To bring a close to each and every day.
And soon the lessons were complete  
And Luna promised she would meet  
All that was expected of her station,
Seeing the truth in what she said  
Celestia nodded her head  
And to Luna made a proclamation:
“Now that you have learned what to do  
Dear sister Luna, I trust you  
To take on this duty and do it right,
“To you this duty I now give  
And for as long as we both live  
I shall be morning and you will be night.”
Both Celestia’s love and pride  
Flooded out from her soul inside  
And her mane and tail filled with a dim light,
Her sister saw the dim light grow  
Soon becoming a spectral glow  
And Luna stepped away from her in fright.
Luna’s green eyes went round and wide  
She pointed a hoof and she cried  
“Oh sister mine, your mane is all aglow!”
The strange glow soon faded away  
Celestia’s mane changed that day  
And was now the colors of a rainbow.
And thus the sisters joined as one  
One rules the moon and one the sun  
The two together danced in harmony,
But all good things come to an end  
A fate on which you can depend  
And this friendship would end in tragedy…
The years uncounted floated by  
The sisters two both shared the sky  
But soon envy stole into Luna’s soul,
The envy seethed, bubbled and stirred  
To Luna wicked whispers purred  
And they slowly began to take their toll.
It spoke to her one summer night  
As she enjoyed the full moon’s light  
In a silken voice designed to beguile,
The source of the voice heard within  
Was one of corruption and sin  
A demon’s voice both devious and vile.
“Greetings to you, O’Princess fair  
I am known by the name ‘Nightmare’  
But fear not, for I mean no ill intent,
“I’ve come to be your special friend  
Upon whose words you can depend  
In fact that is the reason I was sent.
“The ponyfolk all rise from bed  
To greet the sunlight overhead  
And they bask in the sun’s bright warming gift,
“Soon enough comes the pitch black night  
Lit by your moon and stars so bright  
But unlike the day’s sun you get short shrift.
“They all ignore your nightly toil  
Does it not cause your blood to boil?  
Why bother to continue anyway?
“You raise the moon after sun’s fall  
Nopony cares, not one at all  
They wait for your sister to bring the day!
“T’is true that under moon above  
Some ponies confess their deep love  
But these events are few and far between,
“You think your sister gave a prize  
When she offered the evening skies?  
My dear Luna how naïve you have been!
“She only gave this task to you  
So she would have less work to do  
A gift born from both laziness and spite,
“And in truth I have heard it said  
You are merely a figurehead  
Nopony stays awake to watch the night…”
She paid no heed, or so she tried  
To these dark words from deep inside  
For sister princess she truly adored,
She pushed Nightmare’s smooth voice away  
But it was strengthened day by day  
Stabbing at her heart like a sharpened sword.
Nightmare went on, wheedled and lied  
Stoked her ego, prodded her pride  
And she began believing what it said,
Her heart and soul fought back in vain  
But their strength soon began to wane  
And Nightmare’s voice grew louder in her head.
It tore at her, it slashed and screamed  
Both while awake and while she dreamed  
The walls within her mind fell one by one,
It breached the light within her soul  
The darkness took complete control  
And she confronted her sister, the Sun.
“You are the only one they see  
No love is given unto me  
Next to you, I am merely second rate,
“I soon felt envy towards you  
But that feeling, it swelled and grew  
And now for you I feel nothing but hate.
“I hate you, Sister of the Sun  
I hate you for what you have done  
I hate you and I will forevermore,
“My eyes are opened — now I see  
This ‘duty’ as a mockery  
And I refuse to take this any more.
“You laugh at me when I’m not there  
And you believe me unaware  
Your sunlit days are numbered, sister dear,
“Ponies will not show me respect  
Hold in esteem nor genuflect  
So I will just have to accept their fear.
“I will force them to honor me  
I will be all that they will see  
I will banish your sunlight infernal,
“When ponies look up to the sky  
They will not see you, only I  
For I shall bring forth Midnight Eternal!”
To aid her in this wicked deed  
The demon Nightmare Moon was freed  
She set about to see this dark work done,
And so the day confronted night  
And so the dark confronted light  
And so that day were seen both Moon and Sun.
The two took to the skies above  
Envy and hate fought grace and love  
A battle terrible and glorious,
Moon’s chill frost mirrored sun’s warm fire  
But soon Nightmare began to tire  
And her sister emerged victorious.
Celestia begged at the end:  
“Please stop, sister! Please stop, my friend!”  
But Nightmare laughed and spat into her eye,
With both a foul curse and a leer  
She swore revenge on “sister dear”  
And would return to make the sunlight die.
With Luna lost to Nightmare’s voice  
The princess made a fateful choice  
Only one punishment could fit this crime:
Using her most powerful spell  
She made the pale moon Nightmare’s cell  
Her prison forever and for all time.
Sun Princess took back night’s power  
And from her castle’s high tower  
She once again controls both night and day,
Now when she makes evening’s moon rise  
Grief-stricken tears flow from her eyes  
For she believes she failed Luna some way.
And so she lives alone once more  
Within stone walls, behind locked door  
In penance to the soul of sister lost,
And on the moon hanging in space  
Lay a profile of Luna’s face  
Memorial to that day and its cost.
So should you hear dark envy speak  
No matter how strong nor how weak  
I pray you take this tragic tale to heart:
Fight it with all your soul within  
For if that loathsome voice should win  
It can tear friendships and families apart.
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