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{ Hello my ponies friends }  
Today I came back after a long break, and this time with a new and unique story entitled “The Problem of the Past”, Part 1, the story focuses on the two characters Princess Kidness and Twilight Sparkle. The type of story is adventure and imagination. I hope you enjoy reading ✒  
♣ •. • ´¯ •. •• {Let's start} ••. • ´¯ •. • ♥  
After the princess of friendship, Twilight Sparkle, is crowned as a new ruler of the Kingdom of Equestria, a new adventure begins for her in ruling and raising the sun and moon every day and night and on the second day of her reign in her throne room she says to her assistant and her dragon Spike and she is happy  
✴ Twilight: - You want honesty, Spike, I’m used to this new life! My life as Princess of Equestria …  
▶ Spike ◀: - Your Majesty told you that you will adapt quickly as you have adapted to being the fourth princess of Equestria.  
✴ Twilight: - Your Majesty, this is Spike, it is true that I have grown accustomed, but I am not used to the royal way of dealing, I have … I miss those days, adventures with girlfriends, students, and the friendship school.  
▶ Spike ◀: - Twilight do not be sad. You have started a new life and we will start new adventures with it. Do not forget the gift of Starlight Memories book whenever you miss them Sue …. What is this!  
✴ Twilight: - Thank you Spike for the support, but why did you stop so suddenly, and why does your face look like this ?!  
And Twilight was surprised that its trademark flashed, which means …  
✴ Twilight✴: - The map is calling for a friendship mission! Spike, I can’t believe, come on Bonneville now!  
Twilight and Spike go to Bonneville, and upon their arrival at the mansion, they are surprised by the presence of her friends, Starlight, Trixie, and Sunburst.  
✴ Twilight ~~: ~~ What are you all doing here? I thought you were in school now. The important thing is, I have amazing news …  
✳ Starlight: - The tag map is back on, Twilight we all know, and this is really amazing.  
♠ fluttershy ♠: - We were going to school and then we noticed that the map was glowing and started working again! And we closed the school for today  
♦ Rarity ♦: - We would have sent you a message but reminded us that you are Twilight, the princess of friendship, my dear.  
✳ Sunburst✳: - But what baffles me is that even after the tree was destroyed, the map still works, but why did it not work since that time ?!  
Twilight✴: - I can answer you, the map is linked to the tree, and the tree is related to the elements and elements of us, but the tree has changed and evolved, and after its development it took a period to link to the map. This is the reason we willbrest  
~ Rainbow Dash ~: - Yeah! This means that there are new adventures and friendship missions. This is great. I am very excited about the mission that I will go to in the future.  
Apple Jack ♣: - Well, we knew when the map returned to work, but what we do not know yet, who summoned the map?  
✴ Twilight: - This is what I wanted to tell you, I am the one who was called up on a new friendship mission  
⚫ pinkie pie⚫: - But it seems that you are not alone in this mission, as the map has not determined the location of the mission yet, who is it ?!  
Princess cadence opens the door and says that me pinkie pie….  
♣ •. • ´¯ •. •• {continued} ••. • ´¯ •. • ♥  
And so we have reached the end of the first part of “The Problem of the Past.” What was the most surprising thing for you, ponies? Share with me your opinions in the comments, and bye
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